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Save time due to maximum automation:

Contest creation

Acceptance of applications and moderation

Voting and judging

Notifications and mailings

Chats and technical support

Data export

How it works

Registration on the website 

Sign up on the website. Log in and enter the Organizer's Personal Account.

Creation of a contest

Create a new contest and edit its settings. Activate the contest.

Inviting participants

Spread the link to the contest page to potential participants.

Moderation of entries

Check the entries received for compliance with the rules published on the contest platform.


Make sure that the public vote and/or the evaluation of the jury were successful.

Awarding the winners

Award the winners, and we will send diplomas to all participants.

Who is this platform for

For Nonprofit Organizations and creative associations

Conducting paid expert contests is one of the simple and profitable opportunities for replenishing the budget of an Nonprofit Organization. Participants submit entries with their works to participate in exhibitions, galleries and other performances, as well as receive feedback on their work from the most prominent experts who evaluate the contest works.

The platform is ideal for hosting awards, which are often hosted by regional and industry associations.

For companies and organizations

Companies with a large number of employees conduct internal contests for employees and/or their children to develop their corporate culture. In the process of holding creative or expert contests, participants have the opportunity to get to know each other better, find colleagues with similar interests and hobbies, rally a team, and make friends with families.

Organizations actively use a variety of contests to involve their current and potential customers in the communication process, pursuing marketing goals: drawing attention to a product or service, increasing sales, searching for new ideas, etc.

For advertising agencies

Advertising agencies hold contests to implement the marketing objectives of their clients. The contest can be part of a strategic communications development project, an excellent reason for a large-scale PR campaign in the media, a social or charitable project.

The topic of the contest is so unusual that information about it and about the organizing company spreads across the country, which is undoubtedly a great success for the PR department of an advertising agency.

For educational institutions

Contests are held for schoolchildren and students, and are also organized for the participation of teachers and staff.

Non-standard and creative tasks give the participants an opportunity to express themselves, show their expertise, reveal new facets of their talent, share their hobbies and passions.

Integration with services

Platform users




Juri and


        The organizer of the competition can be an organization or an individual.
        The registered user of the platform becomes the organizer of the contest immediately after its creation. He is the owner of all materials and data submitted by participants in the form of entries.
        The organizer establishes the rules for the competition, controls their implementation, the work of his team and members of the jury. He is responsible for all processes, and his main responsibility is to monitor the fulfillment of all the conditions of the contest, identify the winners and award them.
        The Organizer's Info Panel displays all information about the current state of the contest, its participants, entries, and the jury.
         The organizer has full access to all functions. If necessary, the organizer can involve other users to help perform various functions (for example, to moderate applications). These assistants are called the "Organizer Team" or "Organizing Committee".
         The organizer can transfer absolutely all functions to his team, except for the only one — the deletion of the contest.

        A user registered on the platform can be added to the organizer's team (organizing committee). To do this, the organizer indicates the user's email address in the "Organizing Committee" section on the contest editing page.
         The organizer can transfer absolutely all of his functions to a member of the organizing committee (except for the function "delete the contest"). In this case, the organizer's team can fully control the process of the contest: from setting parameters and moderating entries, to appointing jury members and announcing the winners.
        Also, the organizer can select specific functions from the list, and thereby restrict the assistants 'access to the contest settings and participants' entries.
         Most often, the organizers delegate the following functions to one or more members of the organizing committee:
— moderation of received entries,
— chat with participants of the contest (answers to questions from participants).
         The number of members of the organizing team in the contest is not limited.

        Any user registered on the platform who created and submitted an entry to participate in the selected contest becomes a contestant.
        The Personal Account contains all entries created by the user, indicating their current status.
        A registered user of the platform can take part in any contest of his choice, if he agrees with the rules (set out in the document "Contest Regulations") specified by the organizers on the contest page.
        The user can contact the Organizing Committee of the contest with questions about the conditions of the contest in which he is going to take part or is already participating, and get an answer.
        If the contestant becomes the winner, then he / she has the right to receive the award (prize) specified in the rules ("Contest Regulations").
        The number of participants in the contest is not limited.

        To conduct expert judging, the organizer can appoint a user registered on the platform as a jury member. To do this, the organizer indicates the user's email address in the "Jury" section on the contest editing page.
        The name, surname and competence of the judges are displayed on the main page of the competition (the jury members can fill in these data on their own in the Personal Account in the "Personal data" section).
        For expert judging, at least one jury member must be appointed.
        Judges can evaluate the work according to their own or previously designated by the organizer of the evaluation criteria.
        The referee's assessment can be of two types: "yes / no / maybe", or a rating (point) system, in which the work is evaluated from one to the maximum score set by the organizer.
        The works for which the jury members voted positively can be declared the winners (the platform will automatically calculate the number of yes votes or the amount of points), or get into the shortlist to participate in the next judging round.
        In case the organizer has established two or more refereeing rounds, then for the last round he can appoint the Chairman of the jury. This is a judge with extended powers, who, possessing the highest degree of competence and expertise, has the ability, according to his own criteria, to choose the winners from the shortlist formed by the rest of the judges in previous rounds.
        The number of jury members in the competition is not limited.

        Site visitors can view the contest pages, including the gallery of works and the online store, as well as participate in the public voting: put "likes" and comment on the favorite works of the participants of the contest. These features become available to site visitors only after they have passed authorization through a social network or registration on the site and become registered users of the platform. The public voting function is enabled by the organizer for each specific contest. If it is disabled, then visitors can only view works in the gallery without "likes" and comments.
        Also, the organizer can turn off the function of showing the gallery. In this case, site visitors will not be able to view the contest entries.
        If the organizer has connected the functionality of the online store, then site visitors can book or pay for the work they like from those put up for sale.
        The number of visitors to view the contest is not limited.

Platform features

Set up a contest

Manage advanced competition settings using built-in functions and user-friendly interface

Control processes and participants

Track statistics and user actions, manage application statuses and competition events, send participants, organizing committee and jury

Use the power of judging

Customize the judging process for any type of competition. Use one or both methods of judging: popular vote and peer review

Make money by running a contest

Use the wide capabilities of the platform for making payments from members, set discounts and promo codes

Enjoy the convenience of a platform

Using the platform will give you an unforgettable and predictable experience, and if difficulties arise, technical support is ready to help you quickly.

Create an online contest for free.

Customize and test all features without limits.

Pay for the contest after the start of accepting contest entries.

The cost of the contest run


Basic set of functions
for organizers of online contests with free participation

€120 / $140

Completely all the functionality of the platform for holding a large-scale contest with free participation



Online contest
with advanced functionality and the ability to charge applicants

€240 / $280

Platform commission for payments: 10%,
Payment system commission: average about 3% depending on the payment method


Configuration of almost any parameters of the contest for the goals and objectives of the organizer

starts from €720 / $840

To implement a contest of any scale
with an unlimited number
of participants and entries

What the platform is valued for

Amazing time savings

Round-the-clock reception and automatic control of filling out competitive applications by participants before they are sent to the competition

Auto-creation of contest pages

After creating the competition, the following are automatically generated: the main page, the page with the rules, the gallery of works and the showcase of the online store (the last 2 pages are optional)

Public vote function

The public vote for the entries undergoes an automatic check to completely exclude the possibility of cheating votes

"Blind" judging

Until the official announcement of the winners of the competition for an independent evaluation of the competition work, the author's name is hidden from the jury and on the page of the public gallery

Gallery of contest entries

The publication of the gallery is possible at any stage of the contest: during the period for accepting entries; at the stage of judging or after the announcement of the winners

Monitoring of the work of the expert jury

The organizer is always aware of the stage at which the jury experts are, how many works are left to evaluate for each of them.

Organizers of contests about Competizer


National Union of Pastelists, Moscow, Russia

We have already held the second contest on this platform. The specific features required for our competition were added in less than a week.

According to the feedback from our artists, who also participated in our first contest, it was convenient for them to submit entries and upload their works, although many of them are not very technically competent.

Due to the fact that the platform is multilingual, we conducted jury with English-speaking experts.


Sushirullen, Stockholm, Sweden

I liked that the contest setup is quite simple, and the votes are counted and the winner is selected automatically. Notifications are sent to everyone, the organizer actually does not need to do anything, except for the initial settings, moderation of applications and awarding the winners at the end.

The new version has the ability to conduct contests in English and even in Swedish! This is very important for us, for the next competition we will invite all our clients in Stockholm.


EVO School, Moscow, Russia

We had a closed mandala drawing competition among my students. I want to note the good work of the client support, the functionality for me was completed relatively quickly according to my technical specification.

Convenient to create a contest, a lot of tips and settings.

We did a simple contest with a public votes. Saved a lot of time, because we had several hundred of entries, and it would take a long time to process such a volume manually.


Island of Light, Moscow, Russia

We were very impressed with the fact that the competition is taking place on its own, real people are needed only in the jury to evaluate the work. We sent all the participants thanks and diplomas, which is generally cool, considering how much time it usually takes.

Communication with technical support was prompt, and we also often used to send all kinds of reminders to participants by e-mail.

Just a huge number of competition settings! It is possible to download all user data and jobs.


Founder of the platform for online contests Competizer, Moscow, Russia

Close communication with the organizers of competitions gives us the opportunity to quickly receive feedback and effectively work on a thoughtful, trendy, user-friendly product.

Data security

Using SSL Let's Encrypt certificates

SSL certificates guarantee the confidentiality of information provided by users on the Internet. All personal data remains confidential and cannot be intercepted by third parties in any way. This is due to encrypted communication between site visitors and the web server.

We guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the server

"Uptime" or uptime for a certain point in time is one of the most important and necessary indicators of the site's performance. We guarantee server availability at the highest possible level - at least 99.99%. This means that the sites of your contests will be available to participants and the jury around the clock without interruption.

We perform data backup

Our databases are backed up daily and have a 30 day retention policy. Downloaded media is stored in multiple independent secure storage locations across geographic locations for redundancy and availability, making it nearly impossible to lose or damage.


Lead developer of platform for online contests Competizer, Moscow, Russia

Payment security

Payment processing (including entering the bank card number) takes place on a secure page of the processing system that has passed international certification.

Confidential data of the payer (card details, etc.) does not come to our website, their processing is completely protected, and no one, including our employees, can receive the client's personal and banking data.

Safe processing of the payer's bank card details is ensured by the information security standard developed by the international payment systems Visa and Masterсard-Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

The data transmission technology guarantees the security of transactions with bank cards using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Verifiedby Visa, Secure Code protocols and closed banking networks with the highest degree of protection.

Online contests are one of the best ways to strengthen your brand, increase your social media engagement rates, and reach your target audience. It is easy to organize, management is straightforward, and ROI is pleasantly surprising. It is also a great PR reason for publishing in the media.

Get a response from consumers by competitively polling your audience for knowledge of your products, your company and the industry in general. The best rewards will be the products your company makes or sells.

At the end of the online contest, you can organize a grandiose offline event to award the winners: a concert, presentation, tasting, conduct surveys and collect feedback from the target audience who prefers your products.

An online contest is a great opportunity to get help solving a problem or find a new design idea. Participants can come up with a slogan for your advertising campaign, draw a logo, and even develop a website design.

Contests as part of the company's marketing strategy

Online contests are an element of active promotion and involvement of consumers in the marketing process, an opportunity to make communication with customers close and mutually beneficial

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